Best Innovative Ideas To Promote Your Mobile App Worldwide

Mobile App Marketing

Mobile App Promotion, this word listens to mostly all developers who have their apps in the app market. It means it is necessary to consider app marketing strategies after the app development. Whether it is an iOS or Android app, the strategy is the same for both. The functionality of an app differentiates iOS and Android.
If you are looking for the iOS and Android app promotion worldwide then you are at right place here. This blog describes various tools and approaches to market your mobile application and our recommendations.

Mobile App Marketing strategies


1) Contest & Sweepstakes: Run a contest for your app where you tell them that if you want next level of my game just like my apps or ratings anything what idea you want to share with them and at last give them some coins to unlock the next level of a game. Sweepstakes and App Contest are part of the promotion. Judges select the app content winners using a set of criteria. But the selection of sweepstakes winners is on a random basis.
2) App Store Optimization: App store optimization is one of the most important parts of to advertise your app in application marketing.  The keyword research and write one description including your keywords using these techniques your app can easily search by app users. This is one of the best techniques that are used by all developers. It is because it includes many things like app icon, description, title, keywords, and many more things.

3) Pre Launch Mobile App Marketing: Before your app is released to any store, try to inform as many people’s as you could. You can simply create one site with a landing page for your application and register users with their Email Ids or you can create a Facebook group / Twitter page and post regularly. Before releasing the final version, release one version for Beta Testing.

4) Post Launch Marketing: Try to post about your app on different social media sites. At Post Launch, it is the process for every client and campaign that means it includes research and setup, strategy creation, execution, analysis, and reporting. The campaigns ensure the foundation is laid for good SEO practices and performance, providing reports that update clients on progress.

5) Advertising: The most important part of advertising your app is targeting the right audience. Allocating budget for an advertising campaign for the mobile app launching is a powerful tool to get initial installs. Meanwhile, it also increases the organic lift for your app. Advertising helps to increase your marketing that means it connects your product with the target customer directly. See more.
6) Cost-Per-Install Campaigns: A large number of installs can boost your App’s ranking on Google Play Store as well as on Apple App Store. Increasing the app publicity can be helpful for you to get more installs. The more downloads, with better reviews, can take your app on top. Cost per install increases your app traffic to get a place in the market. See more. See more.

7) Visibility Marketing: The term is coined based on user’s ability to search and find applications at an app store. Usually, people find apps either by browsing top charts or by searching relevant applications. Also, it includes many important points like app store optimization, social media marketing, blogging, boost ranking and much more.

8) Performance Marketing: Performance marketing is highly dependent upon analytics like Marketing Sources and Analytics. The analytics, funnels, and reports within your application to measure the performance. However, there are tools that make the process easier including HasOffers etc. It helps to measure analytic performance.
So these were some app promotion ideas that you can consider to boost the app ranking in the mobile app marketing. Hope you get useful information regarding mobile app marketing from this blog. Also kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.

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