Boost Your App Ranking Using App Store Optimization

Boost Your App Ranking

In getting more traffic, ASO i.e. App Store Optimization will be effective as it manages various kinds of factors which are responsible for placing an app in the app result. The Mobile strategy App Store SEO also helps in boosting the mobile app in the app ranking and get more downloads. It may seem an unrealistic goal to achieve app ranking in the app store or Google play store.
If you are thinking that ASO is not an important thing and should not be taken seriously then think again.  Look at these two stunning pieces of data which show how people download apps. With the help of app store optimization techniques, you can boost the app ranking globally.

  • About 63% of apps download is through App store as per the European Techno-graphics Consumer Technology Online Survey.
  • Another survey is about the iPhone conducted by mobile marketing platform. This tells that 47% of American users find the latest app through the app store.

Key Factors to Boost Your App Ranking:-

1) App Title: The App Title should be like clear crystal so that people can easily get to know and search for it on the app store. It’s a first impression on the user and important to boost your app ranking. Likewise, the keywords are also very important to place in the App Title. Search Algorithm considers keywords as an important factor.

2) App Icon: An App Icon is a visual anchor for your product. App Icon. Your icon is the first opportunity to communicate, at a glance, your app’s purpose. The beautiful and memorable icon attracts attention in the App Store and Play Store to stands out on the home screen.

3) App Description: Write a relevant description of your app on App Store as well as on Google Play Store. So it will easy to understand when people read about your app. A great app description you’ll create a favorable impression & entice people to download your app.

4) App Keywords: The right keyword increase app visibility as well as help to get more audience, so choose right keywords for your app so it will get better rank in search.  It is one of the most important moments of your app marketing plan is choosing your app’s keywords.

5) App Screenshots: The high-quality screenshots with attractive colors and cool animations aid in grabbing the user’s attention. Take the right screenshots to target your app audience; it helps you attract users to download your app once.

5) Ratings & Reviews: App rating and reviews are playing a vital role in app ranking. It’s because a user always read reviews before downloading an app. When a user sees a lot of positive reviews, he or she gets into trust and there will be more disposed to pay money.

6) App Video: Create a catchy video of your app that describes app working clearly. You can create 15-30 sec long App previews with it. Video gives the sense of a live event that appeals more to customers. Before downloading any app, a user always checks and read app reviews which followed by the app screenshots. Besides all these, adding any short and informative video can convey a lot to a user.

7) App Localization: App localization is necessary to for getting app store ranking by target market and increase the app downloads. For example; if you want a successful marketing in China, then app must be offered in Chinese. Moreover, every region requires different kind of keywords as per the search pattern.

8) Tuneup ASO: ASO is a continuous process so keep an eye on your competitor & Tuneup your ASO up to date regularly.  In addition, there are more and more apps that are published on the App Store each day so you have to keep monitoring it regularly.

9) Promote App Globally: Taking advantage by promoting your app through various ways like Paid search, Social Media Marketing, Link building through press coverage and reviews.
Submit the app on top review submission websites. The other strategy is app indexing through which more and more marketers swear it. It enables mobile searches to click directly from listings in SERPs into their apps on iOS devices.

10) Be Categorical: Right and relevant category selection help users who are seeking apps. It influences a lot to app ranking because it is white hat ASO practice. If there is incorrect category selection, it can trouble as Apple reviews the app before publishing.

So this is all about Boost Your App Ranking through ASO. We hope you guys get good information. Kindly share your comments through the below section.
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