Generating Leads through Twitter

We all are well-known with Twitter which is a popular social media platform like Facebook. Most of the social media sites are basically used for messaging which enable the user to read and write a message. In Twitter, these messages are known as Tweets and the character limit for them is 280 characters.

Most of the user uses these messages to generate communication and make the awareness about something or to gain popularity about something. But do you know that Twitter is also a good source of generating leads?

You might be thinking that why and how Twitter can be a good place for this? The answer is simple as Twitter cross the mark of 335 million users. Here I will introduce you to answer how to generate leads?

Techniques for generating leads on the Twitter:

Using Relevant Hashtags:

Hashtags are like the backbone of the social media platform. The whole of the concept of Twitter is all about the hashtag. In all these, this is also important that there should be relevant information in the content. Like that only it is important that there should be a relevant hashtag. This will increase the chance of generating leads extremely.

Twitter Lead Generation Cards:

Twitter Lead Generation card is one of the easy ways of generating leads by adding more content to your tweets which is rich and informative. Users will defiantly like to click on these tweets and expand them. The name and contact details will be automatically submitted when the user will expand on these tweets.

A good number of users look for this social media platform to get the answer to their questions. This is especially for that which is industry related. Replying to these questions is the best way of getting binding with the customers. There are several tools for this available in the market.

The user can apply the main keywords with the help of these tools. For example, if the customer is asking a question about android app then he or she gets indirectly related to the questions on the app development.

Competitor Analysis:

Competitor Analysis is as important for generating leads as like oxygen for life. From this, you can easily get the rough idea about the competitor strategies.

Start by searching for tweets by the competitors. Get the information on your competitor’s service and also research about their customer’s feedback.

Prioritizing Twitter Followers:

Twitter Followers are an important part and you can’t ignore them at all. Whenever you share the websites URL on your Twitter account doesn’t simply send them to your site’s homepage. Make a separate landing page for it.

Because of the dedicated page, you can easily get the email address and this will enable you to connect with a user outside the twitter. With this extra information, using the Twitter to acquire leads for your app.

Some of the important tips:

  • Pin your tweets: It has seen many times that many users do not pin their post. Some user never ever pins their Tweeter post. Pinning to your post can be very much beneficial and boost the traffic on your website. If you pin a single post that contains link of your website can give you a good number of visitors.
  • Creation of a separate Twitter account: Differentiating a personal life and professional life is an important approach. This is same as applies for Tweeter Account. For the business expanding, you must have a different account that follows professional guidelines. This means you should not use a personal Twitter account for business.
  • Optimization of posting schedule: The audience engagement is high on every social media platform. So this is important that you first analyze the posting schedule. There are some tools for them. Tweriod and HubSpot are some tools among them.
  • Using of Live Video Feature: Live Video feature is mostly used nowadays. In case, if you want to step up your video marketing strategy then this option can be boon for you.

So this is all about generating Leads through Twitter. Kindly share your thoughts through a comment in the given below section.

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