How to choose the perfect app marketing agency

Developing a mobile application with complex coding, testing the UI and UX for bugs, fixing those bugs again and again, and updating the app post-release, are the cyclic processes in the mobile application development industry. But there is one more process that determines the revenue earning potential of your developed app after releasing it to the target audience, which is the marketing process. Choose the right app marketing agency which is competent enough to satisfy your needs.

According to the report, there are around 2.6 million apps in Google Play as of March’22 and 2.05 million apps in the Apple app store. It is a hectic task to maximize your app’s visibility in the app stores among these apps. That’s where the app marketing agencies are helpful to the developers and publishers. Choosing the right app marketing agency involves many factors, like recognition, previous working experience, proven results, etc. In this article, we will see about these factors in detail.

Quality of work:

When looking for the app marketing agencies, one should look for the quality of results it has produced for its previous clients. There are many ways to identify the quality of work like Return of Investment (ROI), Reviews and recommendations, Workability, and Technical proficiency because these are all the outcomes of the agency’s profession.

Review and recommendation:

Review plays a vital role when choosing the agency. Because these reviews are the satisfaction of clients who had business with the agency before, the clients’ reviews will help us know about the agency’s client engagement, need fulfillment, and differentia of work from other companies.

Whether positively or negatively, these reviews will influence us to decide to choose that agency or not. And the recommendations from some websites and influencers ensure the agency’s standard. But be aware that agencies can also artificially manipulate these reviews and recommendations.

Success rate:

A general opinion states that the longer the company is in the industry, the higher its experience. It may be true in certain conditions, but not always. When we look into the company’s age, it also denotes its success rate and competitive power in the industry. As mentioned earlier, this may be not true always. Some companies have quickly achieved more extraordinary results using appropriate strategies and tactics. So, the success rate of that agency matters.

Previous clients:

It is always better to research the agency’s previous clients before choosing an agency. Because knowing previous clients guarantees the agency’s capability and potential to handle projects and the size of projects it had taken previously. It also helps to learn about the agency’s maintenance of long-term relationships with clients, communication, and reliability.


Recognition in the industry:

Recognition of the agency in the industry comprises awards received by the industry researchers, consisting of well-established professionals. Professional recognition ensures that clients can trust the agency for future projects. Some of the awards and recognition for app marketing agencies are Clutch, Trustpilot, GoodFirms,, and MAD.

Marketing Scope:

Marketing Scope refers to the services offered by the agency for the client during both pre-launch and post-launch of applications like App Store Optimization, Growth hacking, User Acquisition, and Mobile strategy. It is essential to choose an agency that does all of these to benefit-cost efficiency and time limitation.

Decide wiser!

You have to look at these factors when choosing a perfect marketing agency. In the end, it’s your (client’s) capital and time to invest in these agencies. Choose your agency that is doing well in all these factors and negotiate to get the best offer benefitting both client and agency. AppFillip is one of the best app marketing agencies recognized by many professionals in the industry and provides assured results to clients.

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