How to enable app deep linking to make app content effective?

Mobile App Deep Linking:-

App deep linking for a mobile application will allow you to invoke deep links that open an app and launch specific, defined screens within the app, such as the homepage, product pages, and shopping cart, much as you would on a website.

Deep linking is especially useful for promotional efforts because it allows you and any third party to open the app when a link is clicked, rather than driving to a website or to your app’s listing on the iOS App Store or Google Play.

Now how to achieve app deep linking. Here Are Some Tools For it:-

  • Deep linking– Deep linking is a methodology for launching a native mobile application via a link. Deep linking connects a unique URL to a defined action in a mobile app, seamlessly linking users to relevant content.
  • AppURL– AppURL is a cross-platform, public standard that supports deep-linking. It continues to be at the forefront of establishing deep-linking standards and defines a robust public standard that can be adopted by developers to make their mobile and desktop apps deep-linkable.
  • URX– URX is a San-Francisco-based company that uses mobile deep linking technology to link content across devices. URX works with developers and marketers to reconnect their apps to the web and intelligently route users across devices.
  • Me:- Mobile deep linking is the ability to link to a specific page or function inside of a native app, making an app linkable just like a website.
  • AppsFlyer One Link– One Link™ is a single link that launches your app if it is already installed on a device (with deep linking capabilities), or redirects users to Google Play or iTunes when the app is not yet installed. You can also redirect desktop users to any web URL such as your website or your app’s Google Play/iTunes page.
  • io– Branch helps mobile apps grow with deep links that power referral systems, sharing links, invites, and marketing links with full attribution and analytics. The branch provides free deep linking technology to mobile app developers and allows users to discover content inside mobile apps.

Now the user has downloaded an app using deep linking so if a user is not using the app actively then what to do? so now next is Push Notification to a user for an app and if we have any new feature and update notification so user think to try the app again.

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