How To Get Your App Into App Store Featured List ?

The Apple App store evokes a range of emotions and responses in app developers. You will probably find one response because every developer wants their app to be featured on App Store. Your app has to be unique that help to stand out from other’s competitors. It will help you in future gets your App Featured into top list. On a daily basis, there are over 1600 apps which are submitted to the iTunes App store.  There are several ways to shape out the app so it gets featured on the app store.

What does your app give users?

User Experience is the key, so don’t complicate the usability of your app by providing too many features. It means that don’t provide too many features which are not relevant for users need. Be clear about what you want your app to do and ensure that it goes about the job smoothly, without requiring users to compromise on the quality of experience they are looking for.

1) Press Release: A press release, news release, media release, press statement or video release is a written or recorded communication directed at members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something ostensibly newsworthy.
2) Ping to Apple: The app developers may contact directly to Apple via email. It is the best way to ask query with Apple and receive a solution from them. You can email them at or

Some Tips For Your Ping Email:

  • Attach app video while sending to Apple.
  • Highlight specific features of Apple so they can read.
  • Keep your Email short because they have lots of Emails.
  • Ask feedback about your app to get a sense of their benchmarks for the future.

3) App Localization: App Localization is the process through which a particular language, culture and desired local is adopted for a service or product. App localization is a useful tool to boost up your app store ranking and additionally, increase downloads on mobile devices.

4) Make A Design Unique: To attract more users, design your app unique. Apple always designs their apps catchy & unique that’s why it gets millions of users. It doesn’t compromise quality so you should follow the standards that apple follow.

5) Concentrate On iOS First: If you develop an app then firstly concentrate in iOS. You can get iOS users easily more than MAC. So it’s a good advantage for developers to increase their app downloads from worldwide. When you show some support for Apple then Apple is more likely to support you.

6) Use Latest Features of Apple: Always follow the latest technology that Apple follows. This helps to more get new users by developing new apps with new technology. Like 3D games, this is a new source to get new users every day because it’s a new feature that follows by Apple.

7) Avoid Featured App Too Early: The best way to get featured in the App Store is not to get featured too early. Because if you featured your app too early then your product might not actually be mature enough to keep users interested. Wait for a right time after that featured your app so a user can take an interest in your app.

8) Build a relationship with Apple: Make a good relationship with Apple that helps to make a strong presence. You can make a relationship with Apple employees via Social Media & LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a professional way to connect with them so you can directly ask them about any query and encourage them to feature your app. They can help you out if they are familiar with your company, they may think of your product at the right moment.

9) Target To Most Suitable Audience: The niche audience comes if you target the suitable & right audience. The informative content in the app description must be catchy and relevant to the app. It is because it helps in attracting user when he or she read the post.

10) Summarize Your App Store Listing: Summarize your app in a proper way that means adding the screenshots related to app, optimizing the description and wisely use promo. This helps in getting featuring of the app.Make your app listing is one that Apple would be happy to promote. It may help to get attention from Apple.

11) Understand Working Of App Store: Apple actually has 155 app stores each with a local editorial team. Among a million competitors the app can be stand out if it is featured on the app store. The local app store editors filter out the best apps for their specific users every week.

12) Keep App Ratings & Downloads High: If your app Ratings & Downloads up or high than Apple may consider your app in the featured list. Apple follows criteria in which he first considered those apps who have at least have 5 ratings after that he considers other criteria.

13) Release App on Tuesday/Wednesday: If you release your app on Tuesday or Wednesday than it’s a best way to gain more relevant users on time because App stores post new curated lists every Thursday. So your app can get listed in new curated lists.

14) Update Frequently With Seasonal Themes: Update your apps time to time so it will improve your app ratings frequently. You can also update your app on seasonal themes bases because people also looking for new updates on special occasions like on Christmas, New Year etc that increase the highest number of app downloads for a 24-hour period.

15) Highlight Apple Device In Your Promo Video: Apple loves people who show Apple device or Symbol in their promo video. If your app can support Apple’s latest technology then this is an especially a good tactic.

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