How user acquisition measure by app analytics ?

To Know who is using your App and How much peoples have downloaded your app is important factors to know to know all this information we must do App Analytics:-

App Analytics:- Use Google Analytics for Mobile Apps to measure and optimize user acquisition and engagement with mobile apps. Google Analytics for Mobile Apps lets you measure the full value of your app across all key stages, from first discovery and download to in-app conversions. See what keeps your users engaged and learn how you can make them happier–and your app more successful.

A couple of other things before jumping to our thoughts on the different tools:

Start monitoring things before you publish your app on the mobiles stores: even if you got only a few beta testers (try having as many as possible!), the data can still be used as an indicator.

Different tools for different apps: what might be a perfect tool for a kind of app might bring much less value for another.

Track what makes sense for your app and for your audience: not every app has the same objectives. And depending on which stage you are at, the KPIs that make more sense might change. Cohort analysis is really important…

Know where your app is going: do your best to pick a tool that you can still use (or afford) when you get more users, add platforms or countries

There are some tools to achieve app Analytics:-

  • Flurry Analytics –Flurry Analytics is a free tool that most app developers use to track user data – it’s so ubiquitous it can be found in 400,000 apps on 1.2 billion devices all over the world.
    On average, each device is running about 7-10 apps with Flurry, which means the company can collect as much as 3 terabytes of data each day.
  • Google Analytics – Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. It launched the service in November 2005 after acquiring Urchin. It is now the most widely used web analytics service on the Internet.
  • Apple App Analytics – Measure user engagement, marketing campaigns, and monetization for your iOS apps with App Analytics on iTunes Connect. App Analytics has data you won’t find anywhere else. It’s included with Apple Developer Program membership and requires no technical implementation.
  • Apsalar – Use Apsalar’s app analytics funnel analysis to assess marketing effectiveness by a vendor for acquisition and remarketing. Track mobile app browsing, purchases, LTV, category, SKU info and more. Plus, SmartTags enable m-commerce brands to use one tag to send customers to five different destinations, on and off app stores, based on OS and install status. Use them for deep linking users to specific content.
  • MixPanel – Mixpanel is the most advanced analytics platform for mobile & web. Instead of measuring page views, it helps you analyze the actions people take in your application. An action can be anything – someone uploading a picture, playing a video, or sharing a post, for example.
  • Localytics – Localytics was conceived in 2009 in Boston, Massachusetts with one simple goal in mind: to help our customers build stronger relationships with their mobile and web app users through our analytics and marketing platform.
    It’s a win-win for brands and end-users alike. App publishers create better app experiences, leading to passionate users that ultimately drive engagement, loyalty, and revenue.
  • Countly – Countly is an in-app usage analytics platform. It gives you a default feature set that can report session/user counts,  session duration related metrics, app version/device/location/os/os-version/resolution/carrier data, user retention*, loyalty and session frequency.
  • Playtomatic – Playtomatic is another mobile app open-source analytics tool, but it’s built for mobile games. It helps game developers track things like their game players’ geo-location and game achievements. It works on lots of platforms including iOS, Android, Javascript, HTML 5, Unity 3d, and more.
  • HeatData– HeatData is an app that captures gesture data on mobile to let app owners know exactly where and when users swipe, double-tap, and zoom on certain places in the mobile app.
  • TestFlight Live – To use TestFlight, you’ll need to be a member of the iOS Developer Program. You can upload your app binaries and import a CSV file of testers into iTunes Connect… When a developer invites you to test a beta iOS 8 app, you will receive an invitation email with a link to the beta app and the TestFlight app on the App Store. Once you download the developer’s beta app and the TestFlight app, you’ll be ready to give feedback.
  • Placed– The Placed Panel is the world’s largest opt-in location panel. Panellists opt-in by installing a mobile app that measures location persistently in the background. As a leader in privacy, Placed employs a multi-step, opt-in process for all panellists.
  • io –  Use Keen IO to record event data from anywhere in your business — your mobile app, website, billing system, backend servers, whatever. Our cloud database was built specifically to store event data — interactions that are happening all day, every day in your apps.
    Data that’s too big to store in your application database. Data that will tell you what activities are happening in your app, how engaged your users are, and how well your business is doing.
  • Capptain– Capptain is a new generation of mobile apps analytics and CRM solution. We believe apps analytics are only the first step to a large range of services allowing apps developers and publishers to manage their apps life-cycle, improve and optimize apps quality, performance, user retention and sales.
  • Kontagent Kontangent is a user analytics platform that focuses on collecting and analyzing a variety of data for the social and mobile web. The platform offers a great deal of customization and centres around dynamic data visualization to help inform customers of their user’s behavioural habits and patterns.
  • Claritics– Claritics’ Social Analytics apps give app developers the actionable insights they need to run smarter, more effective reach, retention and revenue campaigns across Facebook and other social networks.
  • Applicasa– Applicasa is a mobile game management platform that helps mobile game developers manage their game economy through user segmentation and event-based promotions as part of a complete backend solution.
  • Bango– Bango provides technology that enables commerce on the mobile web. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange (ticker symbol BGO.L).
    Bango products allow the collection of payment for online content and services and provide web analytics for mobile marketing campaigns and sites.Bango provides the Mobile Payment Platform that powers the BlackBerry App World.
  • Appsee– Appsee is a simple and powerful visual in-app analytics platform that enables you to measure, understand, and improve the user experience in your native mobile apps (iOS + Android).
  • Telerik– Telerik is a company that makes a custom control for .net framework, its full of excellent gadget like radgrid that’s awesome. Too many of rad controls work whit ajax and jquery, but some of them are heavy for band-width traffic! win control, Ajax controls, Silverlight, WPF, ORM tools, and also unit testing for .net projects.
  • Personagraph–Personagraph is a mobile user understanding platform that provides deep insights into who your users are, what they like and where they go, all without compromising their privacy.
    Once integrated with an app, the Persona graph SDK collects various device signals such as apps, location, context and social. Our proprietary technology uses data from these signals to generate detailed user profiles that reveal interests, demographics, and interaction with your competitors.
  • com — We think it should be easy for developers to sell their apps & games, but for too long they’ve had to deal with hurdles like payment gateways, licensing systems, setting up trials, analytics and more.We want to make things simple.
    From a beautiful checkout for your website and analytics dashboards to licensing and setting up trials, Paddle’s checkout & developer tools take away the hurdles involved in selling apps & games and allow developers to focus on what they’re good at building outstanding products.

After deep analysis of app now it’s time to make a marketing strategy for the promotion of the app. Because even a good app can fail without proper promotion .so now starts Market analytics.

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