Latest 2017 ASO Rules & Guidelines For Apple App Store: New ASO Rules

Are you marketing an iOS app? Your app is showing into Apple Store and attracting iOS users. App Store optimization i.e. ASO helps to increase app ranking. This includes many things like App title, icon, keywords and many other things. So this can be considered as best techniques and this can be used by developers too. To improve the app rank on Apple app store, marketers have to understand the Apple’s algorithm for app optimization.


Let’s explore the key practices of ASO that have good universal appeal:

1) App Title: iOS app title name plays an important role in how iOS users discover your app in the App Store. Select a simple, creative & relevant app title easy to memorable & spell. Developers should avoid names similar to existing app names or resemble them in other terms.

Apple changed Title rules after June 7, 2017, Apple store permits developers to add app title of 30 characters maximum. It must be descriptive & relevant, keyword-rich, and unique. Apple recommends keeping your app title around 20 characters or fewer for optimizing presentation on every device. Long names may be truncated, which means users will not see all the characters.

2) Keywords:  App store keywords are very effective to show your app in search results. Choose relevant & best keywords for an app to ensure your app is easily discoverable. Before making keywords selection make research & think about the specific words, your audience might use to search for an app like yours. You should select high relevant keywords because less relevant terms can make it hard for users to find your app. selection,

There is total 100 characters length for Meta length, with words separated by commas. To maximize the number of words in this limit, you can do following things.

  • Plurals of words that you’ve already included in a singular form
  • The names of categories or the word “app”
  • Duplicate words

The common reason for App Store rejection is the improper use of keywords. Avoid using following in your keywords.

  • Celebrity names, unauthorized use of trademarks terms and other protected words and phrases
  • Terms that are not relevant to the app
  • Competing for app names
  • Inappropriate, offensive, or objectionable terms




3) App Logo: Make it sure that your logo is iconic and well designed. It should do more than giving users a send of what the app is all about. This makes sense considering how the app store is filled with millions of mobile apps. Creating a unique icon is useful in conveying the brand message. This also helps in recognizing the product.

4) Description: The first few sentences of your description are important in which the user can read without having to tap to read more. Every word counts, so focus your description on your app’s unique features. Don’t add unnecessary keywords to your description to affect search results. If you do this, then it provides a bad experience for users and creates a negative impression of your app’s quality.

You can also avoid including specific prices in your app description because it already shows the price on the product page Show your best writing skills so users decide whether to install your app., why would users download an app that doesn’t meet their needs? Keep the app description clean and short and explain what the app does.

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5) Screenshots: To get fully convey your app’s value, focus on each subsequent screenshot. High-quality screenshots with attractive colors and cool animations aid in grabbing the user’s attention. In simple words, it is difficult to capture users’ attention when there is a startup brand for the app. Adding screenshots to the app is just adding a simple banner. 

6) Video: Video is one of the most powerful ways to get your message across about your app. An appropriate video trailer immensely increases app downloads and installations. A demo video of your app can bring you several marketing benefits. You can create 15-30 sec long App previews with it. Video gives the sense of a live event that appeals more to customers. It displays app previews as the first image on your app’s product page, followed by your app screenshots. Look Here…

7) Reviews & Ratings: Honest reviews from genuine users, who have downloaded and used the app, increase the credibility of your app. Users usually check previous user’s reviews and check them before using the product.

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8) Category: For those users who search apps through categories, selecting the right and the relevant category is helpful. This also affects a lot of apps ranking. If you select the wrong category, then it drives troubles. It is because, before publishing an app on the Apple app store, Apple reviews the app. The app will get rejected in case if they encounter a wrong category app.

9) Analytics: To maintain the app rank, we must perform the above practices regularly. Measure the app results through analytics and accordingly try different keywords, descriptions, screenshots, content, title, and much more. To be crown of the Apple App store, keep trying variations in all ASO practices.

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10) App Localization: App Localization is compulsory for the target market and to hike the app downloads.  For instant, if you want to increase the app downloads in China then you must have app information in Chinese. Every region requires different keywords as per the search pattern of local users.

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