Latest ASO updates: iOS 12 New, Google Play bugs

Updates are always welcome in the world of technology. Likewise in the ASO also, updates are welcome and things are changes as per the requirement.  It is very important to be in touch with those updates. Here I’ll share you about the latest ASO updates which are newly introduced. Get the important information here. Both major platforms i.e. Google Play and the App Store bring some changes.

Latest ASO updates:

Google play search results appear in a loop

Members of ASO Stack Slack firstly reported the fault in Google Play search results. Search results loop in every 5 apps on mobile and every 50 apps on the desktop. The members also noticed that Google Play is not displaying any results in a similar Apps section. Also, several other community members also reported on a bug. With this, the data is not displaying correctly at all.

Now in the Play store, developers will be able to build an instant app. The benefit of this will be to the user as they will be able to try the application even before its downloading. The app performance will also be tracked through Play Console. Also, the developer will be able to know how many users install the app fully.

Keyword Insight Tool

Soon the keyword Insight tool will be available to all developers. The new look and features of Play Console are the biggest game-changers. With this tool, in addition to the keywords, Google will now share the source of organic install.

Apple downloads ranking temporary changes.

It’s totally unsure that Apple might have tested a new ranking algorithm. This also influences strongly to the other apps. Latest beta release and Android P launch will be available soon. In the Android operating system, Android “P” is the upcoming version. As a company Android has already announced the disclosing of Beta 4.

First release date will be displayed now on the Play Store.

The first release date of the app will be shown on the Play store. On tapping on “More” option, the user will be able to see the first release date of the application. This will enable the user to know about the age of application. With this user will be able to know how old the application in actual. It is also enhancing its search algorithm so that apps made available to the user with good experience.

Updates in Tools:

There are some of the major changes in the tools also reflecting latest ASO updates. Some of those tools are as follows.

  • AppTweak: In this tool, there is an option to shuffle for keyword research, counter, and auto-suggest.
  • AppAnnie: Paid and organic downloads dataset have been introducing in this tool.
  • AppFllow: This tool now gives the ability to see Today tab featuring for the next day
  • YellowHead: This tool launches data visualization for ASO

 So these are some of the major changes in ASO latest update. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and information in the below comment box.

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