Latest Niche Ideas To Increase Positive App Store Rating & Reviews

What are App Ratings & Reviews?
App Store Rating & Reviews are holding an important place for app ranking. App Review and rating are building blocks which bond a trust of a user towards app. It is because; people usually read reviews before downloading an app. Positive reviews can make the strong impact on the user and improve app ranking.

Importance Of App Store Rating & Reviews:

It’s a balancing act for a developer to always remember what’s best for consumers in the drive to get feedback and understand when or whether it becomes an annoyance. App developers use popup like ‘Rate my App’ that begin to actively request for ratings and reviews for feedback from users. The advantage of deploying pop up ratings is to openly communicate to your users the value of their feedback or Rating & Reviews to continually develop the application to a standard that will keep customers returning and recommending the app to their friends.
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Guidelines To Understand App Developers & Reviewers:
1) When you give a review on any app then don’t promote any other app in that particular review. Also, don’t promote any kind of other services in your response because it’s like a negative impact. It shows that you’re not giving a genuine review you just promoting your services and brands. Google & App Store both don’t accept fake reviews. The fake review will get delete, once your write fake review because they both are focusing on your id’s.
2) Given app store reviews should be directly related to the specific app, if you give a duplicate review as same as previous then you caught by App Store & Google Play Store and they will be banned. It means next time you are not able to respond on that particular app. So, be loyal and response with real reviews don’t write fake reviews.
3) App developers don’t include any aggressive and personal comments in your response because your customers are your biggest promoters. So don’t remove their comments if they are unsatisfied with your app then solved that particular problem and reply to customers very politely. So, always be polite and keep in mind that happy customers will likely be your app’s biggest promoters.

4) As a reminder attempts to manipulate ratings are not permitted under the Application Developer Agreement. It means there is no permission to app developers to change their app ratings,  App Store decide it. Therefore, including digital app items, to users for changing the app rating, you should not offer any type of compensation.
5) Encourage people to write a review who have tried or subscribed to your app and have connected with your app. To get reviews from people add a pop-up window when they use your app like if your app is related to a game then once they complete the game ask them about your app. Customer reviews are very important to fix the problems like bugs, frustrate with ads or any other problem so review their problem and fix it.
6) Make app store ratings and reviews are part of your marketing, so request them on a regular basis as you communicate with your customers in sales calls, in your emails etc. Acknowledge and respond to both negative and positive reviews. Doing so in a helpful and non-defensive manner creates a positive impression for a future customer.
So this is all about App Store Rating & Reviews. Hope you get good information from this blog. Kindly share your comment below.

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