5 Common Mobile Marketing Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

mobile marketing mistakes

In-app marketing, many people make silly mistakes in their initial stages. But failure can be a great teacher in terms of learning. It’s a chance to learn from what went wrong and use that experience to level up your performance in the future. This blog will teach you the pitfalls and errors you might make in your mobile marketing efforts. After identifying the problem, you can decrease your mobile marketing mistakes.

1. Limited Vision in Planning

Strategic vision for planning

The premise of an excellent mobile marketing campaign lies in the strategic vision. While developing a high-quality app, focusing on reaching the audience after the launch is equally crucial. Utilize the data, plan for your future, and predict what numbers are trying to tell you. But don’t panic while using various strategies while trying things for the first time. Over an extended period, this prediction will help you in user engagement and user retention

2. Losing Touch with Your Target Audience

not segmenting your audience can cause mobile marketing mistakes.

It is well said that “customer is the king of the market.” The target audience is the bread and butter for your mobile advertising strategy. These audiences are your prime customers, and while framing the process, keep the needs and behavior of users in mind.  

Keep the different versions of devices in your mind.

In the market, iOS and Android combine  95% of the market share in various app platforms. Recognizing the pain point of your audience’s operating system is vital. You can filter out the audiences based on the operating system to create a whole profile.  It is a standard mobile marketing mistake that can be seen in many app developers by making apps listed on all platforms.

Understanding the users’ profiles before diving into the listing is essential. Build an effective strategy for 2-3 media to make your app visible. Often, it’s best to pick one platform, perfect your mobile marketing strategy to the platform’s specifications, and expand later if necessary. 

Segmenting Your Audience

One of the classic mobile marketing mistakes is treating all audiences’ preferences the same. One size of shoes does not fit all customers. The same logic applies to consumers in mobile app marketing. It is vital to figure out the segment of your audience and tailor the content according to the audience.

Implement a data-driven strategy to help your users understand your app’s concept. Make sure that customers are not resistant to generic messages.

It is observed that personalization in your mobile marketing efforts has reduced acquisition costs by upto 40%. It has increased the efficiency upto 15% and personalization CTA around 200%. 

You can expect higher conversion rates by tailoring your content to specific demographic factors such as age, location, or income. Furthermore, taking information from customers from their previous purchases using personalized messages can drive your sales. 

3.  Underestimating the Power of Social Media

Ignoring the power of  social media, one of the biggest mobile marketing mistakes.

Over the years, around  80% of social media advertising budgets have been seen to target mobile users. Implementing social media platforms into your marketing strategy is not a mobile trend but necessary. 

Integrating social media in your mobile marketing is more than posting content; it is all amount, mobile-optimized ads and creating a seamless experience. While implementing this, you are reaching your most engaged and active users. These interactions will turn every opportunity to increase your app’s visibility and keep your audience on a mobile platform. 

4. Unstructured Call to Action

Unstructured CTA's

In mobile marketing, when a potential user clicks on your site or mobile app, you have a few seconds to capture their attention to start a conversation.  A front-and-center call to action (CTA) immediately showcases the purpose and benefits of your app.

A common mistake in mobile marketing efforts is hiding the CTA within a lengthy app description. Your app marketing can be tremendous and essential for awareness, but an unstructured CTA can get lost in the app’s information.  

For increasing CTA’s, use bright colors and banners to get attention to your attention. Use FOMO to create scarcity in the minds of your users and use app preview video to highlight your main message.  

5. Sticking to One Strategy

Often, app owners fall into the trap of marketing monotony, sticking to a single strategy like a sailor to his North Star. This can cause mobile marketing mistakes. While it may provide security, it often leads to missed opportunities and potential growth avenues.

For example, you are conducting a party, so you wouldn’t just send out invitations through one medium, would you? Some people prefer an email invite; others can select the text or call. Your customers are on various platforms, so you have to tailor the strategy according to your customers. 


Mobile Marketing is a dynamic and powerful tool that it can boost your app in the long term. However, some pitfalls, like not being in touch with the audience, short-sighted planning, ignoring social media, unstructured CTAs, and using a single strategy, can slow down your progress.  At AppFillip, we specialize in navigating the mobile marketing landscape and helping businesses like yours avoid these common mistakes.

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