Pre launch app marketing for iOS, android and windows

Pre-launch app marketing:When it comes to mobile app development, your marketing strategy needs to start. similar to any successful product, understanding exactly who your customers are and where they can be found is one of the most important aspects of app marketing.

Engage potential customers, users, and other interested people early and often.

Seek out potential customers as early on in the app creation process as possible. These should be real app users who can provide quality feedback and eventually become the champions of your app.

Use app store optimization and make your app visible in every search.

Useful App Marketing Tools For Every Developer.

For successful pre-launch we have two tools :

  • PreApps– PreApps is your destination to discover EXCLUSIVE new apps coming soon to iOS, Android, and Windows. PreApps is your preview into the world of mobile apps. PreApps reward users for their engagement and being a contributive member of the PreApps community. PreApps is the exclusive place to preview and rate mobile apps coming soon!
  • Prefundia– First create an awesome project page. It’s free and simple to set up. Build a following so you can blow up your project/app day one of launch. Get feedback, suggestions, and encouragement to help make your awesome project. Get real-time stats on page views & number of followers to make accurate decisions. It provides a “coming soon” platform.

There are also some important things which can be done for the pre-launch app:-

Pre-Launch Press Release-

The objective of a pre-launch press release is very different from an app launch press release. Press is a great way to dig potential users, branding and sustained media coverage. Talk how you App make a difference and why it is best to solve the real-world challenges in an effective manner – why someone should download your app. Start with warm-up top-tier reporters for the most interesting news bubbles up. Here is how you can approach:

Find those reporters who have covered a story of recent app launches.

  • Reach out to these reporters and pitch your app. Make sure you tell them not to write about your app before it is released.
  • Offer exclusive access to the pitch to a reporter. When you have an interesting app, reporters are extremely interested in being the only people to write about your on launch day. Obviously, you need to select the right media outlet when agreeing to the exclusive coverage agreement.

Now it’s time to optimize the app so it gets higher in an app store. So next is App Store Optimization.
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