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The success of a mobile app is determined by best Mobile App Promotion tools. It helps get a good position in the app store. Even if you have developed a superb mobile application, if mobile users can’t easily find it, all your efforts have been in vain. With the massive amount of apps launching practically on a daily basis, if you want your mobile app to have financial success, you’d better have a good promotional plan for your app.

What is  Mobile app promotion:-

A series of advertisements using various mobile app promotion tools that share the same message and ideas to promote a business or event to a target audience.

 Mobile app promotion tools for app marketing:-

  • AppGratis – AppGratis is an app-discovery application founded in 2010 by a French engineer, Simon Dawlat. AppGratis curators find and recommend apps, which the apps are then featured to download for free or at a reduced price.
  • Appsfire – Appsfire is a mobile app discovery and promotion platform that allows users to find mobile apps for iOS and Android, and provides tools and services for developers to promote their apps.
  • Free App A Day – Some websites provide apps which are usually paid at low cost or free for some time to promote their app. this is a promotional event of app maker to attract customers.
  • AppBounty – it site provide you with some small amount for download app. it is also a promotion trick of website. when you download an app from this site you will earn from $1 to $200 depending on different apps. some people think it is fack or spam but no it is not true. It’s real. you will be rewarded by downloading an app.
  • Promodispenser – Users get free Gift cards by downloading and reviewing your app. this is also a website which will pay you when you download an app from this website.

So now all promotion and all activities are done so ready to get a good response from users about your app. Now you can get expert advice to increase app download or how to attract customers.

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