Steps you must know about Pre Launch App Marketing

The app market is highly competitive and on daily basis, new apps are developed and launched. Developers are curious and work hard for their application and have a big dream for the same. Well, it is not necessary that you market or promote your application only after launching. You can even go for Pre Launch App marketing that will bring you the fruitful result.

For the successful launching of the application, it is necessary to go for ASO. It should be sure that your app gets visible when a user searches for your app. Other than this it is necessary that you should make the app in a unique way that means provide something DIFFERENT.

Mobile app marketing is not a game of a child and it’s not about the result over-night. It needs proper planning and efforts to make the app buzz in the market. Here are the steps for pre-launching ASO in mobile app marketing.

Steps for Pre-launch App Marketing:

Understand the application – The first step is to understand the application well. The app has not launched yet but still, the basic understanding of the app can be done. With the help of this, it is easy to go for the ASO process.

Define your target audience – There should be a clear vision about the target audience. Also, you must know about the audience taste. Mind it sure, if you are providing something different you will defiantly get the ranking.

Research keywords – Keyword researching can be started once the application is understood. Mind it sure that the keywords must be highly relevant to the app with high traffic.

Competitor’s Research – Finding out the similar apps is really beneficial for getting the road map for your application. The thing is that you get a lot of ideas about the keywords. Also, you can get an idea about what new feature you can add. Always try to keep an eye on the competitor and find out what they are implementing.  

Implement the keywords into metadata – The final step is to add the keywords into the app’s title and description. When adding keywords to the keyword field, you must separate the keywords by a comma and it will be 100 characters limit. This is only applicable for iOS applications because iOS has a separate section of the keyword. On the other hand in the Android case, keywords must be added in the description part with repeating 3 times.

More tips to make the pre-launch app promotion better:
  • Optimization of the app store page
  • Optimize the app name
  • Create your own social presence
  • Keyword-rich title and description
  • Brand awareness with email marketing
  • App visuals like app screenshots, app icon, and preview video

Last thought:

Pre-launch app marketing is all about promoting the app before launching. The basic thing in mobile app promotion is that you must make a plan before launching an application. Proper app marketing strategies always lead to proper positioning of the app in the market and this will defiantly bring the revenue. Kindly share your thoughts in the below section.  

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