Success Story Of Candy Crush Saga Game

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is a UK based game which published, it comes in the list of most of the downloaded game by iPhone & Android. This game is the most downloaded game in 2013, this analysis by a mobile analytics firm which name is App Annie.

It tracks the download & revenue on both Google Play store for Android and Apple’s App Store. On April 12, 2012 King release Candy Crush Saga is a mobile match-three puzzle video game. It was released for versions like iOS, Windows Phone and Windows 10. Certain formation of the combination is there such as color bomb and striped candy. These are some different-different combinations which show a great display to the user.

Many people can be seen busy to play Candy Crush Saga with different devices like iOS, Android, and Windows etc. It is the first of high-resolution match-three puzzle video games that literally taken over the gaming industry by storm. Since ever, King released the game with a partnership with Facebook, Candy Crush

There are some important lessons that can take games success :

1) Free Motivates: On our brains “Free” has a powerful effect. A free item is far more attractive than a really cheap one, say, a penny. Candy Crush is free to download and free to play, which takes all risk out of the purchase process. Some products are well-suited to free offerings. “Freemium” model is often used by Business software firms that give customers a functional but limited product for free.

2) Our Brains like Easy: Candy Crush is a mental game such as chess, getting started is ridiculously easy. Compare the game to that console game that provides features a controller with a dozen buttons, joysticks, etc. that can be used to generate dozens of unique moves – there is no mental load from playing Candy Crush.

3) Rewards: To keep players engaged, the reward system is best. Even in the middle of a game, a good move will generate a voice reward like, “Sweet” or “Delicious”. When the special game piece is earned with a good combination move, then it is itself a reward – the player knows that piece will help win that level. The central concept of gamification is Rewards.

4) Scarcity Increases Desire: Before wait 30 minutes, here players get just five lives. Some spots in the game force a player to wait for the next day. Psychologist Robert Cialdini enumerated “Scarcity” is one of the six influence principles. Many experiments have shown that we have a built-in preference for items in short supply.

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