The Best Hacking Strategies To Re-Engage Your Mobile App Users

There are many hacking strategies that you can consider but here I will share some strategies that are useful for mobile apps to re-engage with right users. There are some ways like App Preview Video, YouTube, Run a Contest and App Store Optimization. Some popular ways are there that can re-engage your app users. If somebody visits your app but don’t download or buy it means something is missing from your strategy.

There are different types of Strategies:

1) Makeover Your App with ASO: App Store Optimization (ASO) help to give a new look to your app. ASO improve app visibility & help to target those users who relevant for your app. When you update your app then using ASO strategy add new keywords in your app. The right keywords help to search your app easily in-app store market. More..

Makeover Your App:

  • App Title: The App Title should be clear to all so people easily understood about your app and search for it on Google Play Store and on App Store.
  • Description: Write a relevant description of your app on App Store and on Google Play Store. So it will be easy to understand when people read about your app.
  • Keywords: Choose right keywords so your app will get better rank in search. The right keyword increase app visibility and help to get more audience.
  • Screenshots: High-quality screenshots with attractive colors and cool animations aid in grabbing the user’s attention.

2) Social Proof: It is the way to promote your app by creating your particular app page, which helps to validate your page from others. Share your page with other groups so relevant people may engage with your page and use your app. You can also share your app page with different social media sites to tell about your app. 

3) Reward Your Users: Reward users through running a Contest & Sweepstakes in which contest winners are selected by judges using a set of criteria, whereas sweepstakes winners are randomly selected. Viral contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways to mobile app, web and social. Among marketers, sweepstakes, contests and giveaways are making their roots strong. Its especially for those who are vying for the attention of their social media audience.

4) Interact With Users Online: Being active on social media isn’t just about pushing updates to your followers. It’s all about talking to customers, giving a human voice to the brand and listening to their comments. Interact with your customers live via using online techniques like live chat, video call, video conference etc., etc.

5) Remove Negative Feedback: Nobody enjoys negative feedback from their customers, so always try to give your best to your customers. Negative feedback removes by positive reviews because the first impression is the last impression. Update your app from time to time by removing negative feedback it means to listen to users’ problems and implement it in next update. 

6) Mobile App Push Notifications: Push notifications to let your application notify when a user is not using the application actively. On all mobile devices, they are widely used as to inform or update the user. They are generally accepted as a great way to bring app users back to your app. More..

7) Promote Your App On YouTube Channel: Make a good video for your business and upload on YouTube to get more traffic for your app. Many businesses try to create video content with the aim of having their video “go viral”. Remember to add relevant keywords so people easily search your video on YouTube. 

8) Get Users Attention With Eye Catchy App Video: Create a catchy App Preview Video of your app that describes app working properly. Video gives the sense of a live event that appeals more to customers. Having a short, fun and informative video can speak a lot louder than any screenshot. You can create 15-30 sec long App previews with it. Video gives the sense of a live event that appeals more to customers. 

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