Top 10 useful apps for every developer to app marketing

1) Evernote

Evernote is a free app that puts all your notes and ideas in the same place and it also allows them to be synced across with multiple devices. So if you have ever found yourself daydreaming about best marketing idea while travelling to your lecture Evernote ensures you can take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists or record voice reminders of your brilliant idea.

2) Dropbox

Dropbox is a collaboration and file-sharing tool, that helps you to upload files and share them easily with other people or straight onto your laptop. Dropbox is a website where you can sign up for the service for free using an email address.

3) Flipboard

Flipboard is useful to have an app that helps you up to date on current news, latest technology, marketing tips and popular stories. It is a free news aggregator app that allows you to pick and choose which you want to see in your Flipboard. You can also add popular publications, thousands of websites, and explore magazines created by other readers.

4) myHomework

myHomework is a useful organization app that helps you to set up assignments for particular classes and you can add them to your calendar and set reminders. It is perfect for students juggling multiple classes the app sends you to push notifications when you have an upcoming assignment.

5) HootSuite

HootSuite is a businesses purpose app that using social media, it can also useful during your studies and if you start using it now then you will be able to familiarize yourself with its features of graduation. It definitely an asset when you come to apply for marketing jobs and you can also take benefit by saving time and taking control of your personal social media usage.

6) Quora

Quora is similar to sites like WikiAnswers and Yahoo! Answers, but with the promise of getting real answers from people with firsthand experience and expert knowledge of the subject. You may even get your question answered by celebrities. You can also contribute your own knowledge on Quora, which is great for consolidating what you’ve learned.

7) Trello

Trello is a collaboration tool for to-do lists. As marketers often work in teams, you may spend a large part of your marketing degree in projects with other people. You can assign a board to each team member where they have to do, complete their tasks. You can assign tasks to your team members by given list, it gives deadlines and priority labels, and even write checklists within individual tasks if necessary.

8) Kindle App

Kindle app for Apple, Android and Windows devices. This app is also available on computers, you can highlight and take notes on the pages of the book using the app on your phone, and finish your annotations on your computer later. Using search text in the book, and many Kindle books have the same page numbers as printed books for easy reference during your seminars.

9) Google+

It is the personal social media market, nor like LinkedIn in the professional social networking market, but Google+ is already a high tool for marketers. Google+ helps to add friends, family and professional connections to your circles to join communities to explore interests and find like-minded people, automatically back up photos and videos, use animations and panoramas etc.

10) POP

POP is a great app for professional designers, you can test the flow of your new website, app or program as soon as you get your idea, and it requires zero code or app-building knowledge. Sketch wireframes of app ideas with pencil and paper take photos of the sketches using your phone then build links between different wireframes to mirror the basic functionality of your app.

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