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Cost Per Install App

For app makers, marketers, and advertisers CPI is the most suitable campaign. It is cost efficient because you only need to pay when a user downloads the app. More users download the app, so you have to pay more and vice versa. Here, both situations give you benefits so it’s all yours.

Here one question raises that when we have other free ways to market the app, why we choose CPI only. Finally, we can also get traffic from social media’s too. No doubt they (social media) provide guaranteed traffic but cannot provide assurance about apps install.

The CPI is offering assurance for guaranteed installs. So to increase the app store ranking of your app, you can add it. Each download of the app takes a step further on store charts. In short, CPI comes with many merits but there is need for Top Cost Per Install networks.

Now you are well-aware about CPI, what is Cost Per Install and it is worth for your app. Here, I think you are ready for best Cost Per Install networks where you should invest in it.

Top Cost Per Install Marketing List:

1) Appsfire:

Appsfire focuses on groundbreaking and is the global leading platform for mobile apps. The next generation of native ad units for mobile devices and ad technologies service to publishers and developers. It operates on both Android and iOS platform. So, with a unique set of non incentivized advertising units, we help developers and accelerate their user acquisition, monetization cycle. This exposed to millions of users globally.

2) Chartboost:

The world’s largest mobile games only platform is Chartboost. It helps developers to monetize, grow their audience, and make a better data-driven decision. It provides simple software development kit that enabling direct deals, cross-promotion, and a mobile ad network. So there is all full control for our users with 100% transparency, empowering them to run campaigns when, where, and how they want.

3) Fiksu:

Fiksu is a platform of the mobile audience that combines proprietary dataset with powerful segmentation tools to create, massive, refresh, and reach audiences. It is a company of data-fueled mobile marketing technology that connects with brands, agencies, and app advertisers. It is to precise audiences throughout the customer journey.

4) Trademob:

For programmatic mobile app advertising, Trademob is a leading international platform. The specialization of this data-driven company is in connecting advertisers with the right target group in the right environment. And that too any point in the app’s lifecycle. Additionally, to reach their performance and branding goals while maximizing their ROI.

5) Yeahmobi:

In the world, it is one of the top mobile performance marketing companies. Additionally, it has offices in Japan, China, US and Germany and has employees of more than 400. Yeahmobi also collaborates with many companies around the world.

6) AppLift:

AppLift is buying platform DataLift provides access to all automated supply sources in the market. Additionally, It is programmatic media that reaching over a billion users. AppLift is a data-driven technology company that empowers mobile app advertisers to acquire and re-engage quality users at scale on a performance basis.

7) Appnext:

Appnext is a casting platform and it is leading app distribution. Also, this platform exclusively dedicated to building great mobile businesses by promoting apps. Also, Over dozens of media partners on board and over 25,000 top-tier developers, it serves over 12B app requests each month to 380M engaged global users.

8) Leadbolt:

Leadbolt allows mobile advertisers to reach and acquire quality users at scale. Leadbolt’s analytics-based algorithms help advertisers with advanced targeting. So with maximum ROI it captivates best-fit audiences to achieve deeper user engagement. For user acquisition and in-app monetization. Moreover, Leadbolt is a high-performance mobile advertising platform.

9) Avazu Holding:

Avazu Holding is a mobile internet group that consisting of Teebik, Avazu and a fund. In China, it is fastest growing TMT enterprises. In the year 2014, through a private fund, it raised a Series A of 48 million USD. With a 2.08 billion RMB transaction, Avazu was announced to become publicly listed in China.

CPI to increase App Download

10) NativeX:

With beautiful native and experience, NativeX is the leading ad technology for mobile games and is reinventing in-app adverting. A holistic approach is given to the developers to monetization, through a wide range of both non-reward and reward ad formats including lightning play video and interstitials.

So these are top cost per install app marketing networks list. Hope you get good information from this blog. Finally, don’t forget to put your comment below.

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