Use App Store Optimization And Make Your App Visible In Every Search

We know the process through which mobile apps are optimized so it ranks higher in the search results of an app store as App Store Optimization or ASO. The higher the ranks of the app in the app store’s search result mean the more visible it is to its customers. This increase in visibility helps to increase traffic to your app page in the app store and more app downloads.

Why is ASO Essential?

ASO is the largest discovery channel which is available for your app and not using it to increase the search ranking of your app means that you are missing out on a vital means to increase traffic. App store searches account for more than 63 per cent of apps that are discovered by potential clients. Improving your ASO week after week will result in a better app ranking and more download rate

Goals of ASO:-

  • Create appealing graphics (icon, screenshots, and promo video) to increase the chances of being downloaded
  • Being found more easily by users on the app stores, so use suitable keywords
  • Rank higher compared to competitors

These are some tools to achieve ASO

  • MobileDevHQMobileDevHQ is an app store optimization (SEO for apps) platform. We help app marketers rank highly in app store search, providing lower-cost downloads and increased quality of users. Bring your paid, organic, and owned marketing channels together in one place.
  • AppTweak–AppTweak is a powerful automated App Store Optimization platform enabling to increase your app rankings and downloads. Get the ASO report of your app with personalized and recommended actions that will improve your app’s discoverability. AppTweak empowers you to improve your app stores visibility and boost your organic downloads through an intuitive and powerful ASO platform.
  • SensorTower–Sensor Tower is the leading app analytics platform focused on helping companies with mobile apps understand and improve their organic user acquisition, analyze their app’s performance, keep up to date with competitors and manage reviews. Over 90,000 mobile companies and developers use Sensor Tower to improve their downloads on iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod) and Android.
  • Search Man SEO–Search-Man SEO is an app store search engine optimization (SEO) tool that allows developers to track app discoverability based on keyword popularity, competition, and relevance. Search-Man SEO offers keyword suggestions for specific apps and provides developers with the ability to compare their apps’ search rankings against those of their competitors.
  • SearchMan Ads- It is an ad purchasing service for Face book’s mobile install network that employs targeting strategies to optimize conversions.
  •– is an App Store SEO optimization tool developed by Motivapps, an iOS app development studio based in Warsaw, allows users to check the rankings of apps for various sets of keywords in the App Store.
    The tool also allows a developer to assess the keywords used by competitor apps in their descriptions and the ranks those apps sit at for different keyword searches. also provides users with the ability to create custom URL wrappers for promotional codes to track the sources of clicks and the progression of the promotion.
  • Applique–It is a platform for product managers and marketers to market mobile apps through both organic app store SEO (ASO), as well as a mobile app, install campaigns. Applique helps to drive improved app discoverability, higher downloads, and better user acquisition (UA) ROI.
  • AppRankCorner–It will help you improve your app’s keywords and rankings. More than 60% of apps are downloaded.
  • AppSnippetPreview–It is a FREE tool that allows app developers, app marketing agencies, ASO consultants and ASO agencies to preview how their apps will look at Apple App Store and Google Play Store before publishing or updating.
  • Gummicube–It is a leader in providing Big Data Analytics for the App Stores, which is used for App Store Optimization, Mobile Marketing and Market Analysis.
  • append–Appminds is a global provider of mobile application development, integration and technology services company. Appminds provides innovative mobile application development solutions for a wide range of industries incorporating the best practices in design and development.

After App store optimization now time to track App Download and Revenue.

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