Success Story of Angry Bird Game

Angry Birds game is a game which is created by Finnish company Rovio Entertainment. It is released in December 2009 for iOS. In October 2010 there are 12 million copies of the game have been purchased from App Store.

Angry Birds was originally an application launched in 2009 by Rovio Entertainment for the Apple smartphones and future tablets. Jaakko Iisalo from Finland reated the characters and game concept and Markus Tupperainen and Peter Urbanics further designed it.

There are many different versions of this game like Angry Bird, Angry Birds Online, Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Bad Piggies. These are some amazing versions of this game which gives a unique feel to play mobile games. In Angry Birds game, Angry Bird is a name of a bird.

This bird targets some points to hit them. At every level, different stages and fun with the limited life of the angry bird. Users have an only limited life to complete the level.

Versions of Angry Birds Game:

1) Angry Birds:  It is the first version of this puzzle video game the game was first released for iOS in December 2009. Over 12 million copies of the game have been purchased from the iOS App Store.

2) Angry Birds Season: It is another second puzzle video game which was released for devices using Apple’s iOS in October 2010. Then in Dec 2010, it was released on other platforms.

3) Angry Birds Rio: they released it in March 2011, the game was released as a marketing tie-in with the 20th Century Fox animated films Rio and Rio 2, and was promoted with those movies.

4) Angry Birds Friends: In the Angry Birds video game series, this is the fourth game. The game was originally an exclusive Facebook game called Angry Birds Facebook. It was released on February 13, 2012.

5) Angry Birds Space: In the Angry Birds video game series, it is the fifth game. It is a physics-based puzzle game and. On March 22, 2012, Angry Birds Space was released.

6) Angry Birds Star Wars: This game was launched on November 8, 2012. It is the sixth Angry Birds game in the series. It is first for Windows, iOS and Android devices, later also to Mac and BlackBerry.

7) Angry Birds Star Wars II: It is a puzzle video game, a crossover between Angry Birds series and Star Wars that was released on September 18, 2013.

8) Angry Birds Go: It was released on December 11, 2013. These game tracks are on the 3D-rendered Piggy Island. Here players can choose how they want to move their kart.

9) Angry Birds Epic: This game arrived on June 2014 here player selects a level they can choose up to 3 birds, depending on the level.

10) Angry Birds Transformers: This game arrived on 15 October 2014, in this the goal is to survive through the run, shooting at pigs and structures and transforming into vehicles.

11) Angry Birds Fight: This version was launched on 11 June 2015. In the game, to defeat the enemy players and pigs, the player must match enough Angry Birds to earn enough power.

12) Angry Bird 2: This is the sequel to Angry Birds and the 12th game of the series it was launched on 30 July 2015. Angry Birds 2 is the ability to select birds of the desired choice from a deck.

13) Angry Birds Action: This is a the13th game of the series that features a top-down perspective in pinball-type levels it was launched on 28 April 2016. With the various Angry Birds acting, it uses the basic mechanics. It uses the basic mechanics of pinball with the various Angry Birds acting as the pinball.

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People like Angry Birds app very much as when Angry Bird hit the target People enjoy it very much. This is the whole series about Angry Birds game. This is the unique functionality in the gaming world when this game arrived on the market.

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