Top 10 Creative Ways To Promote Your App

Top 10 Creative Ways To Promote Your App
Mobile app marketing help to get relevant users for your app. It engages your app with target users that help to get profit for your business. It is the way to reach your goal in the marketing field regarding your app promotion. There are some network platforms involve in it, for example, Tyroo, iOS, Windows, and Android. If you have an iOS app, you can promote it in the App Store and if you have an android app, you can promote through the Play store.

Make Your App Viral for Mobile app marketing with help of these points: –

1) Get in Touch: Marketing the app start before the coming of the app in the market. It is better to reach out to your targeted customer before you start developing the app. It is like adding sugar to cake when you talk to your customers to know their requirement and needs. After all, you want to make sure that whatever you are building is going to be just right for them.

2) Create A Demo Video: Create a video that clearly speaks out its purpose. Make it humorous, entertaining and informative so that your audience can easily relate to it. Publish it in your official YouTube channel and also embed it within the content you’ll be producing in future. Videos are an easy way for you to show everything about your app in a beautiful way. For demo video create a simple 30-second video about your app.

3) Create An Eye-Catching App Icon: App icon is your first impression people will notice, making it your app marketing strategy so user like to interact with your app.  Consider your app calling card when the user visits the app store.  A beautiful app icon will increase the user that read your description and they download your app. Your icon makes the difference between other apps.

4) Be Social: Social communications are one of the most important points of marketing strategy. Creating app pages on Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networks is necessary. You can also create an account on Q&A websites and gently tell people about your app in subject threads.

5) Localize your app: Implement app localization starting from the most perspective languages and increasing the number of them as your product gains popularity.  English, which is, most probably, the first language your app will have, is not the most spoken language in this world. So don’t make it the only language that your app supports. Among the top languages for the mobile app market, there is English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, German, and French 

6) App Store Optimization: App store optimization (ASO) is, at its core, search engine optimization (SEO) for the Google Play and App Store. App store optimization focuses on keyword relevance just like Search Engine Optimization. Search relevance and the keyword density in your description. The first step to getting successful in mobile app marketing is ASO ie App Store Optimization. One of the best strategies for increasing the organic downloads is investing in ASO for mobile app marketing. 

7) App Landing Page: A great landing page is must have for any business, even if you don’t have a mobile app. A good landing page is always conveying great business card. Just in case you need it. In simple words, it is that page where visitor arrive or “Land” on. 

8) Run Contest: Promoting the app is not only limited to the distribution of it across every channel. It is also about the lighting a small spark. Contest creating within the app will encourage customers to download the app. 

9) Screenshots: Just taking a screenshot of your app and dropping it in the app store, while simple, does a really poor job of getting across what you’re trying to show that potential user. To turn boring task management app into a high download winner, captions and more visual elements to the screenshots are playing an important role.
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10) Add Downloads Links: Having an app landing page is great, but chances are you have traffic going to your business’s website already. To get more download for your app, grab those existing customers and visitors. Add download link of your app on your website, it increases traffic for your app so people will click more on your given app link.
So finally, we hope you get useful information regarding mobile app marketing ways.

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