Ways to monitor your ASO & App Ranking for application performance

App Store Optimization is the best way to grab the organic growth for any application. After implementing the ASO stuff, there is always a requirement of analysis of App Store Optimization result. This is just to analyze whether the implementation of ASO brings some fruitful results or not.

How to analyze your ASO & App Ranking stuff

So, let’s see how to analyze your ASO stuff with the best application monitoring strategy. As per the report, about 63% of apps are discovered organically, and that why ASO is important for getting organic traffic. That simply means that the user always gets the application through browsing and searching within the app store.

App Store never quickly adopts your ASO implementation. It takes around 3 to 4 weeks to stabilize your ASO implementation. The algorithm varies a lot with the type of platform. If we talk about the iOS platform, the algorithm adopts the change at a very frequent level whereas Google Play store is very slow to adopt the change.

Remember that ranking of the app is very much volatile. Your app can go from unranked to rank. One should check the keyword ranking, keyword monitor & application performance on a weekly basis.

Way to boost Keyword Ranking

To track the app’s visibility, you can follow any tool related to App store optimization. With just an easy way you can have a list of keywords which can show you at which particular keyword you rank or drop down. Moreover, it’s all about application performance management.

Application Monitoring Tool that can help in analyzing ASO output

  • App Annie
  • App Radar
  • AppTweak
  • SearchMan
  • Keyword Tool
  • Lab Cave
  • Sensor Tower
  • RankMyApps

Use keyword monitoring tool for analyzing of the app performance. Many of these platforms are providing the transparency and details of app status.

Learn more about App Store Optimization

Always check your app ranking and improvement on a weekly basis. This will be helpful in knowing your app’s status. If there are some keywords, at which your app is not ranking then it might be because of the irrelevancy or low traffic volume of a keyword.

In that case, it is better to replace those keywords with other keywords maintaining the relevancy and traffic volume. It’s better to check the new version of the app metadata 3-4 weeks to make sure that changes are providing a fruitful result.

It also happens sometimes that the app does not rank for a particular keyword but can rank well for a combination of keywords. Remember that App Store Optimization is a dynamic process. Keywords position changes at a frequent level. You must think in a 360 degree way. Make the keyword combination and research for them.

You can also research seasonal keywords. For example, if there is a season of Halloween, you can easily add Halloween term or related keyword combination. This will enhance your app ranking.

The app market is a highly competitive market and you need to give some good efforts for your app promotion. This will give out the best result in-app marketing. Finally, all you need to be good in application performance management.

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