A Guide for Beta Testing

As an app developer, you might be aware of the beta testing which is the second number process after alpha testing. This kind of process is really important for vanishing all kind of bugs and other problem so that your app doesn’t disappoint to the real users. For this reason, only beta testing is run to find out how your app will perform in the hands of real fun.

Here in this blog, I would like to introduce you to the actual guidance of the beta testing. This kind of testing actually help out the developer to know the shortcoming. In this way, you can know how it will perform before releasing.

What is Beta Testing?

This kind of testing is actually performed by real users in the real environment. It is actually released to the number of end-users. Like this, the actual condition of the application comes out. There are also number of beta testings.

Testing phases:

  1. Pre Alpha
  2. Alpha
  3. Beta
  4. Release Candidate
  5. Release

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The kind of beta tester I should look for?

The goal which you set for the beta testing phase is the main factor which depends on this question. If you get the right beta tester then it will defiantly affect your testing in the right direction.

You must differentiate between technical beta and the marketing beta. The technical beta testing aims at finding the bugs and always gives constructive feedback. Coming on the marketing betas which are preceding the actual launch of the application which is intended for influencers.

In case, if you get random testers and selecting the right user for the beta testing. You must leverage both types of testing in the application.

How many testers do you need?

You can have so many testers but only one of them will provide you the real condition can by testing. So you must aim for around 100-300 testers to ensure that your app provides the best. It also depends that whether you develop the app yourself or you have a team.

At which platforms you can search for beta testers?

  • Twitter: With the help of hashtags you can find the beta testers
  • Reddit: To find out beta tester there are specific sub reddits
  • To find out the beta testers it is the most active website. They also also feature two to 10 new startups on daily basis
  • Beta Family: This kind of testing is a platform for beta testing like Android & iOS
  • TNW Market: You can easily create a listing of the startu
  • Killer Statups: this kind of site is a new site which accepts the review submission
  • Beta Family: It is a crowd testing platform for the iOS & Android applications
  • Erli Bird: The main focus on here is to get the qualitative feedback for the application

Beta Testing

The duration of Testing:

The length of the beta testing should be determined early for few reasons. You might end up with the premature app that risk and hinders in achieving the goal. You must be having a clear vision of how many phases you intend on having are. For two weeks you must run the beta testing.

You can distribute your app on the following platforms:

  • TestFlight: It’s the easiest way to distribute the application
  • Appaloosa: There is a simple and secure enterprise app store in this platform
  • AppBlade: You can manage your devices & deploy the application
  • Installrapp: iOS beta distribution with the API
  • Crashylitics Beta: There is a streamlined solution for distributing the application
  • Google Play Beta Testing: This kind of tool is useful for Android developers

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Final words:

Last but not least beta testing should be conducted in a well planned manner. More or less, all you need is finding out the best solution for testing your application in order to provide the best. Thanks for reading.


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